Jessica has once again had a very successful year. She has starred in 3 wonderful dramas, appeared at various events, including The BAFTAs and got married.  

With another successful year on the horizon, we take a look back at Jessica Raine in 2015.  

In January both Wolf Hall and Fortitude began. Jessica was highly praised for her roles as Lady Rochford and Jules Sutter. After Wolf Hall finished in February, it was announced there would be a second series. Peter Kosmininsky has said he hoped filming would begin in 2016.  

In February Jessica attended a VIP Party ahead of the BAFTA Film Awards.  

In March, Jess was invited to participate in 2 events. The first was the Watersprite Festival in Cambridge and the second was at Hampstead Theatre in London in From Page To Stage.  

Photo 1: Jessica Raine as Lady Rochford in Wolf Hall

Photo 2: Jessica Raine as Jules Sutter in Fortitude

Photo 3: Jess attending the BAFTA Film Awards VIP Party

Photo 4: Jess at Watersprite

Photo 5: Jess at Page To Stage Festival at Hampstead Theatre in London



April was when Fortitude came to an end. The drama was re-commissioned for a second series due to begin filming next year. Jess’s future in the show is not known as yet. Her character had survived the first series, however, Jules was planning to return to England with Liam. We will keep you posted.

Jess left the UK shores in April to head to the bright lights of Cannes in France to promote her new drama Partners In Crime with Co-Star David Walliams. The event was a major success.

April was reunion time. At Inspiring Women In Arts Jess was reunited with her fellow Call The Midwife Co-Stars Helen George and Jenny Agutter 

May was BAFTA month for Jessica. She took part in a major Radio Times photo shoot for the event and on the night itself Jess looked absolutely radiant with her dress and matching gold bag and shoes.  

At the beginning of May Jess was cast in new ITV Drama Jericho as Annie Quainton. Filming began at the end of the month in Yorkshire.

June was the announcement that Partners In Crime would begin on BBC 1 in late July. At the Press Screening Jess said she loved playing Tuppence

Photo 1: Jess as Jules in Fortide. Will she return??

Photo 2: Jess and David Walliams promoting Partners In Crime in Cannes.

Photo 3: Jess reunited with Helen and Jenny for Inspiring Women In The Arts

Photo 4: Jess in BAFTA Photo shoot

Photo 5: Jess at the BAFTAs.

Photo 6: Jess cast in new drama Jericho and filming begins
Photo 7: Jess as Tuppence with David Walliams as Tommy as start date was announced for



July was a busy month for Jessica.  

She gave two fantastic interviews to two major publications. The Independent and the Scottish Herald. In the Independent, Jess hinted about a return to the stage. Watch this space.

Near the end of the month it was announced that Jess was engaged to her long term partner Tom Goodman-Hill.  

Partners In Crime, where Jess played Tuppence, began for its six week run on BBC 1. Jess appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk about the new drama.  

August was the end of Partners In Crime. Despite Jessica shining as Tuppence, the drama was not re-commissioned by the BBC for a second run.  

September was the biggest month of Jessica’s life as it was announced that she had married Tom. Despite rumours at the time saying Jess had only been engaged for a matter of weeks, Jess later hushed rumours by speaking out in December that it was actually January 2015 she got engaged stating that the press just found out late.  

Jess also spoke about her desire to play Jane Rochford in Wolf Hall again in the future

Photo 1: Jessica during her interview with the Independent

Photo 2: Jessica during her interview with the Scottish Herald

Photo 3: It was announced that Jessica was engaged to Tom Goodman-Hill

Photo 4: Partners In Crime began

Photo 5: Jess received great reviews in her role as Tuppence in Partners In Crime

Photo 6: Jess and Tom on their wedding day.

Photo 7:  Jess wishes to play Jane Rochford again


In October Jess was nominated for her role as Tuppence in Partners In Crime at the National Television Awards. The results will be known in January 2016.  

Jess completed filming Jericho in October. Cast and crew of the drama are very hopeful of a very successful run of the the 8 part drama and have very high hopes of a second series being commissioned by ITV.

With Jericho completed, November was trailer time. The first trailer of Jericho was released by ITV and we finally got to see Jess as her character in the drama Annie Quainton.  

Jess had another project in November. She recorded The Forsytes for BBC Radio Drama. The drama is based on the popular novel and TV Series The Forsyte Saga. Jess plays Fleur and is also the narrator of the drama. The Forsytes is due to be broadcast on Radio 4 in the new year. We will keep you posted on dates.

In December Jess attended the press screening of Jericho. The air date of Jericho was announced as being on the 7th January 2016 at 9pm on ITV. It was also announced that the first episode would run for 90 minutes.  

Jess attended 2 events in December. The first was the Gala at the National Theatre in London and the second was the Sky Women In Film And TV Awards.

Jess was interviewed by Grazia Magazine for their mid December edition. Jonathan Harden released his fantastic interview with Jessica for his Honest Actors Podcast and in her final interview of the year, for What’s On TV, Jess said that being in the upcoming drama Jericho was her dream job.

Photo 1: Jess gets nominated for the NTAs.

Photo 2: Jess completes filming Jericho in Yorkshire

Photo 3: Jess as Annie Quainton in Jericho as the trailer is released by ITV

Photo 4: Jess in a readthrough for The Forsytes

Photo 5: Jess and her Jericho Co-Stars attend the Jericho Press Screening

Photo 6: Jess attends the Gala

Photo 7: Jess attends the Sky Women In Film And TV Awards.

Photo 8: Jess as featured in Grazia Magazine

.Photo 9: Jess as featured in her interview on What’s On TV about being in Jericho

Final note

Jess has had a wonderful year. It is always a joy to look back at what she has accomplished throughout the year. There have been some great photos and very much anticipating that 2016 is going to be even more successful for Jess.