The following quotes xome from various interviews Jessica has participated in featuring a wide range of sources from magazines to radio.  
The first set of quotes comes from an interview Jessica participated in for the BBC Media Centre for her upcoming BBC Drama The Last Post.  The whole interview can be found in the BBC Press Pack for The Last Post.
Jessica describes her character (Alison Laithwaite) in The Last Post.  

Jessica spoke very fondly about working with her co-stars in The Last Post and how good it was to act out Alison and Honor’s friendship

Jessica speaks about the highlights and challenges of filming The Last Post

Jessica speaks about what drew her to want a role in The Last Post and Jess also says that the drama is a very ‘timely’ piece

The following set of interview quotes are from The Telegraph in late September 2017

In a recent interview for The Telegraph, Jess said that she will not always be ready to be photographed as she thinks perfection is boring and she has no interest in it.

In a recent interview for The Telegraph, Jess spoke about how much she loved being in Call The Midwife as Jenny Lee, especially Series 1.

From her recent interview with The Telegraph, Jessica talks about the challenges she faced playing the lead role in Call The Midwife and how being the lead made her stronger as an Actress.

Jessica explains why she loved playing Alison in The Last Post and how this became her favourite role yet

In September, during her interview with The Telegraph, Jessica spoke how she felt being a long way from home while filming The Last Post in South Africa last year. Jess was over there for four months