INTERVIEW –  2015 – 03/15 – MARCH – MY WEELY 


Fortitude is the latest in a series of roles which prove that Jessica Raine is one to watch.

Its been almost a year since we saw the residents of Nonnatus House wave a sad farewell to Nurse Jenny Lee, but actress Jessica Raine has no regrets about leaving Call The Midwife for her role in dark drama Fortitude.
“The whole point of being an actor is that you put on as many coats as possible.  Fortitude is a million miles away from Call The Midwife.  It’s a contemporary piece for a start.”
Jessica admits the chance to film in stunning but remote parts of Iceland helped make up her mind about taking the job.
“The landscape really jumped out at me when I read the scripts.  This is a genre I have never tackled before, and, if I’m honest, when I was reading it, I didn’t quite know what it was and that appealed to me.”
She even embraced the Arctic chill by going swimming in the outdoor pool every day.
“The journey in to work took an hour and was beautiful.  When we were there, the sun didn’t go down, it went across, and it put your head in a weird place.  You have a drink thinking it’s seven in the evening, but it’s actually one in the morning!”
In Fortitude, Jessica plays Jules, a character who she describes as a bit of an outsider.  “Her marriage isn’t in a great place and she’s trying to make a new life for her family but she’s quite isolated.”  
Fans of the show will already know that chilling drama and high running emotions are the order of the day, so how did Jessica cope with filming the more harrowing scenes?  
“I totally believe in using your imagination.  I don’t have a child so it’s just a case of imagining these things are happening.  There’s just a helplessness to Jules that isn’t very nice to play.”
So with two major hit dramas under her belt – we just saw her play Jane Boleyn in BBC 2’s Wolf Hall – is she predicting a hat trick with Fortitude?
“Fortitude encapsulates what’s happening in television dramas right now in terms of them being very well done and very exciting.  I think it’s going to be up there with the greats!”
Interview by My Weekly Staff

Photo:  Jessica Raine as Jules in Fortitude


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