This page will contain photographs of Jessica’s scenes in The Last Post.  It will be updated weekly during the run of the series on BBC 1.  

NOTE: Please note if you have not seen any of the episodes and you have acces to BBC 1, these photos do contain spoilers.

Episode 1

Jessica Raine’s first scenes as Alison in The Last Post

Alison says goodbye to Captain Paige.

Ed drops home during his break where Alison tells him he should have got the promotion.

A concerned Mary asks Alison if everything is all right.

Alison gets confused and stumbles into the home of the new Officer and his wife – who later discover Alison on their arrival.

Alison apologises to Joe and Honor and explains that the noise next door is a farewell party for Captain Paige.

Alison hopes she and Honor will become good Friends

Mary drops in to see Alison.  Alison confesses to Mary she is pregnant but Ed is not the Father.

Honor pops round to see Alison but Alison seems to be in a world of her own

Alison watches Captain Paige leaving.  She is joined later on by Mary and Honor.  Alison breaks down in floods of tears.  

Mary tells Alison about the death of Captain Paige.

Alison, Mary and Honor watch with sadness as Captain Paige’s body is driven out of the camp.

Ed and Alison sit and listen to Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

Episode 2

Alison is having a ‘me’ moment

Alison hears screams coming from next door and helps to rescue Honor from a Scorpian.

Alison and Honor talk about relationships and the wildlife nearby

Honor and Alison talk about their husbands

Alison and Honor get ready to go to the BP Club, now Honor’s new dresses has arrived.

On their way to the BP Club

When Alison and Honor arrive at the BP Club Alison tells Honor that this is her favourite place.

As alison and Honor take in the view, Alison tells Honor about Harvey whom they spot below

The ladies get some drinks and chat to Harvey

Alison and Honor are at the pool.  Alison gets bored and wants to go swimming

Its fun time at sea.  Honor, Alison and Harvey are having some fun – then Alison teaches Honor to dive which Honor is not pleased with at first.

The final scenes of the episode see Alison outside with Ed.  Alison has seen a shooting star.  

Episode 3

Alison relaxes at home.

Ed and Alison discuss the past

Ed and Alison discuss Nick’s death and then Ed admits he was glad Nick died which sets Alison off

Alison tells Ed that Joe is not happy that she and Honor are friends

Alison, Honor and Ed are having a good time together – could Ed finally be enjoying himself

As Ed is needed by Joe and Harry, Ed tells Alison to go with Honor to look after George

At Harry and Mary’s house, Alison and Honor talk about their lives in the Army camp so far.  

Alison and Honor check George is ok and Alison lets slip something about Father Christmas

Mary arrives home with her new baby and Alison and Honor gaze at him in wonder

Alison and Honor attempt to prepare for the Christmas Service by singing Christmas carols

The Christmas Service

Alison and Ed join Mary, Harry, Joe and Honor for Christmas Dinner but Alison gets a bit carried away with her drinking.  Alison tells Honor she is pregnant

Alison, Ed, Honor, Joe and George go to the BP Club

Ed watches Alison enjoying herself.  Meanwhile Honor lets slip that she knows about the baby

Alison comforts Honor who partly blames herself for George going missing