The following photos are from Patrick Melrose.  Jessica Raine plays the role of Julia.

Please note these photographs will contain spoilers.

Episode 1

Patrick goes to see Julia following the death of his Father

Episode 2

Julia visits Patrick when he returns from New York and watches over him as he recovers from serious drug and alcohol withdrawl.

Episode 3

Julia is with Patrick’s best friend Johnny

Julia meets up with Patrick again at Bridget’s party and introduces Patrick and Johnny to her husband Angus

Julia and Patrick have a good catch up at the party

Julia decides she wants to spend time alone with Patrick

As Julia and Patrick take their leave from the party and look for a quiet place in the house, they hear a row going on with Bridget and her husband

Julia tells Patrick she has been with Johnny.  Patrick is not too bothered but hurries to get back to the party

Episode 4

Julia joins Patrick and his family in the South of France at their holiday home.  Patrick tells Julia that his Mother has changed her will leaving the house to charity.  Patrick is feeling down.  Julia tells Patrick things are not much better for her since her divorce from Angus.

Julia meets the Landlord of the property Seamus who goes into a lengthy conversation about himself.  Patrick is not impressed.

By the pool

Julia and Patrick talk about old times but because she is feeling close to Patrick again she feels the conversation should end.

It’s lunchtime and Julia gets into conversation about how to bring up children.

Mary sends Julia to get Patrick.  As the two of them sit by the pool, Julia asks Patrick why he was outside her room.  Patrick just wanyed to see Julia.  They kiss and Julia thinks they should get back to the others before they think they are having an affair.

Julia says goodbye to Patrick as she prepares to leave France

Episode 5

Julia arrives for Eleanor’s Funeral.   Julia is happy to see Patrick again as a year has passed since their last meeting

Patrick talks to Julia about his parents.  Julia is outraged when their conversation is interrupted by one of the staff of the club telling Julia she is not permitted to smoke in the club grounds

Julia looks on with Patrick and other guests at the wake as Nicholas collapes with a heart attack.  This scene is also Jessica Raine’s final one in the series as Julia.