All photos from Partners In Crime will appear here shortly after the end of each episode of the series.  Please beware, however, these photos will contain spoilers.

Partners In Crime Episode One Photos

On The Train


A lie in for Tuppence

Tuppence gets her son George ready for school

Tuppence and Tommy say farewell to George

Tuppence wants Tommy to get a job, she investigates further about the disappearance of Jane


Tuppence places a bet and walks straight into danger

Tuppence is being followed and then she meets up with Tommy and escape the man


Tommy and Tuppence investigate






Tommy and Tuppence invite George to dinner and after some discussion agree to take on the investigation of Jane Finch













The meetings










Meeting Albert





Tuppence wonders if they have gone in too deep





George is unhappy with Tommy and Tuppence



Albert wants to work with Tommy and Tuppence






Tuppence goes undercover to find out more about Jane








Photos from Partners In Crime Episode 2

Tuppence enters domestic service and looks for clue

Tuppence meets James Peel and later gains valuable information  to help her find Jan


Tommy returns home from his adventure in Soho and Tuppence is worried





Tuppence and Albert want answers







Tuppence is very worried about Tommy





Tommy and Tuppence tries to get the Major to agree to let Tommy to go back into the Soho room to try to rescue Jane



Tuppence finds information about Conrad, the man Tommy is pretending to be in Soho




Tuppence gets a sleeping tablet from Albert to put into Conrad’s drink




Meeting Conrad and getting away









Tuppence goes to see Jane’s uncle












Tuppence cover is revealed












Tuppence escapes






Calling the Major



The discovery at Rita’s

Tuppence searches for Tommy and then makes a discovery


Photos from Partners In Crime Episode 3

Tuppence worries about Tommy and receives a visitor

The happy reunion


The phone call

Searching for answers


What is Tommy up to?





Getting the file







Handing over the file and inserting the tracking device






A worrying discovery







Tommy wants to stop detective work





A shock for Tommy and Tuppence







The recording and a shocking discovery











After the culprit and a tragedy





Is this Brown?















Peel is Brown and a high profile figure is in danger







The end of Peel/Brown




An explanation and Jane is found





The end of the adventure and the beginning of a new one




Photos from Partners In Crime Episode 4

Looking forward to thd night out


The meeting with Carter

The Opera and the tragic death of Harrison


Tuppence is shaken after the night before

Tuppence asks Albert to identify a stain on a shirt as it could lead to clues


The wrong man


Returning to the Opera House for clues about the real Harrison

The shop

The search for Harrison

A very close call for Tuppence

Tuppence is very shaken up and is relieved to see Tommy

The next morning

New clues as to where Harrison might be and then the question before Harrison dies.  Is the spy N Or M?

A worried Tommy and Tuppence feels left out

Wgile Tommy talks to Carter Tuppence finds out information from them by doing some detecting of her own

Tuppence prepares for her own trip as Tommy is going his on his own

Surprise:  Tuppence is undercover again

Tuppence needs answers so she plans to use seduction if need be to get them from one of the suspects

Is Tuppence in danger?

Photos from Partners In Crime Episode 5

Tuppence has some explaining to do


Tommy intervenes and almost puts Tuppence in danger

Getting access to the ball

Tuppence goes undercover as a waitress to try to get more information about N


Tuppence and Tommy go investigating and make a grim discovery

The aftermath

Tuppence talks to Mrs Sprot

More investigating


Sleuthing alone

Breakfast time and Tuppence converses with Mrs Sprot again

Tuppence goes investigating and decides to look into Mrs Sprot’s room

Tuppence makes a discovery about Major Khan’s letter

Tuppence and Tommy can’t agree on the identity of N, then they make a discovery

Tuppence and Tommy listen into the Minton’s conversation

Albert is back

Tuppence speaks with Mrs Minton

Tommy arranges a meeting with Carter

Tuppence distracts Carl while Tommy searches his room

Another discovery

Tuppence follows Tommy into the underground shelter but then loses him

Tuppence is worried about Tommy and is more concerned when she finds his scarf and hat


Photos from Partners In Crime Episode 6

Tuppence worries about Tommy and Albert comes to help

A meeting with Carter


Tuppence does some spying

Carl confronts Tuppence when she discovers his boat but Tuppence fights back

A plan to save Tommy

Where is the key?

Trying to get the key

Tuppence is held by Sprot


The plan to trap Sprot


Tuppence and Albert watch as Tommy tries to trap Sprot

The end of Sprot


Final scenes



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