These photos will contain. spoilers.
Jericho photos from episode 1
The family leave their home


Annie is turned away by one neighbour but gets help from another by telling her where to find work


The journey to Jericho


Annie looks for somewhere to live.  She is told to go to one of the huts.  She meets Ralph Coates who shows her the way


Annie and her family look over their new home, not everyone is impressed

Annie decides to make money for rent by taking in lodgers

The next morning Ralph brings the family some food


Annie and Martha observe their neighbours


Annie takes in her first lodgers and lays sown the rules


Annie mixes with her neighbours


The accident


Annie and Johnny get ready to bury a secret


The secret burial


The discussion after the burial


The funeral of the blast victim

Annie tells Johnny her secret and agree to stick together


Photos from Jericho Episode 2
Annie takes in a new lodger

Annie is angry with Johnny after he quizzes Geotge about the secret of killing Red.  Annie tells Johnny to leave


Annie places flowers on Jack’s grave and meets his wife


George wonders where Johnny has gone and is upset and blames himself when Annie tells him he has gone

Annie gets breakfast ready for her guests


Annie hints to George to lie low for a few days until the Detective leaves

Annie discovers her savings are missing, so is George


Annie knows where George is and sets off to find him

Annie finds George and tells him he must return home.  She promises to never leave him

Annie stays away from the fair to be with George

Martha tells Annie Johnny is having a fight at the fair.  Annie goes and realises it’s harmless but she fears for Johnny

Johnny tells Annie to leave Jericho to get away from the Detective

Annie goes home to find the Detective waiting for her.  However, it’s just to pay his rent, he is leaving Jericho

Later, Johnny is stunned to see Annie is still in Jericho.  He is glad she is staying and they dance


Jericho Episode 3
Annie goes to the market to buy goods, Ralph closes it

Annie meets Johnny while washing by the river


Annie allows George to work with Ralph



What is wrong with Martha?


Annie goes to the river for water but discovers that the illness has spread

Annie worries about Martha

Annie regrets moving her family to Jericho


The Doctor has been held up, another solution must be reached to save Martha

Annie goes to see George and tells him to stay with Ralph

Johnny takes Annie and Martha to his brother’s house

Annie begins to wonder if she really knows Johnny

Will Martha survive???

Annie anxiously waits for news

Martha is going to survive.  Annie is delighted

Annie encounters her neighbor but questions her motives for friendship

Annie has come to the conclusion she does not know Johnny due to the way he is with his family


Just as Johnny is about to kiss Annie, George arrives

Jericho Episode 4

Annie tries to speak to George about returning home


Annie tells Ralph that George should be at home with her

As Annie goes outside to fetch something she sees Johnny

As Annie serves the Navvies they ask after George

As Annie is outside with her neighbour, two boys start to shout abuse at them


Annie wants to open a canteen and approaches Coates for approval

Annie gets to work and opens up her canteen

Annie begins to befriend Lace Polly

As Annie works hard in her canteen, Johnny enters and at first she refuses to serve him but eventually gives in


Annie gives Coates her takings and asks for more stock


As Annie leaves Coates Office, she sees the boys who troubled her earlier and eventually takes them with her for something to eat

Annie hears that Mable has been attacked, Jericho has no way of enforcing the law


Annie goes to visit Mable

Annie takes matters into her own hands when Mable points out the man who attacked her

Annie is trapped inside the hut as she waits her fate for hitting Mr Solsbury


Annie is taken to Coates’ office to be questioned


As Annie is taken to the Police, Johnny saves the day and she is allowed to go free


Photos from Jericho Episode 4

George agrees to return home much to the delight of Annie


Annie tells George she kept everything as he left it in the hope he would return home


Ralph tries to get information about Johnny from Annie


Johnny tells Annie he won’t accept the written guarantees


Marth worries about the family income as the folks are not being paid


Annie quizzes George after finding a photo of his father inside a book


Annie and Johnny discuss the future of Jericho as the pay dispute deepens


Annie is concerned when she learns that the men has gone up to Blackwood’s, Johnny is among them.


Annie goes to Ralph as she is concerned about the men up at Blackwood’s.  House.  Coates eventually goes with Annie in toe


Annie attempts to stop a fight breaking out at Blackwood’s


Annie talks to George about his Father and George accepts Johnny


Annie asks Johnny to move back in with them


As Johnny settles back into Annie’s, they finally kiss.

Photos from Jericho Episode 6
Happy times at Annie’s


Charles tells Johnny where the quarry is to be, where the bodies are, including Red


Annie is horrified as Johnny explains about the quarry and the potential dangers of discovery that lie ahead


George panics when he learns about the quarry

The locals discuss the digging and Annie agrees to support one of the women


Johnny tries to calm Annie as she is worried about Red being discovered


Red is found


As Annie tries to calm a frightened George the locals are horrified at the discovery of Red


Coates goes to see Annie as a blanket that Red was wrapped in has the initials AQ


As Johnny knows Coates thinks it is he who is the murderer he makes a decision


Is this goodbye?


Johnny has gone

Annie and the locals watch in disbelief as Johnny is brought back under the guard of Coates


Photos from Episode 7
George wants to confess


Annie pleads Johnny’s case to Charles


Annie wants to see Johnny


Annie worries about George as she sees the town people crowd round Johnny


Annie is relieved to find George at home


Annie needs Lace Polly’s help

Annie is determined to go to Johnny’s ‘trial’ Martha goes with her while Lace stays with George


Annie and Martha watch as the trial gets underway


As. Annie stands up to protest Johnny is not guilty, she is later stunned when George confesses


Annie panics as George faces the verdict of the town

George is found not guilty and Annie is delighted

Annie tells Martha she didn’t mean to hide things from her.  They make up

Jericho Episode 8
Annie and Johnny are so happy


Annie goes to see Johnny to buy provisions for the canteen


Martha tells Annie the mine shaft has collapsed, with Johnny one of the men trapped


Annie goes to the mine shaft to wait for news about Johnny and begs Charles to help his brother

Lady Isabella also arrives at the mine shaft but Annie welcomes her

Annie is very suspicious of Coates when he has an idea to save the men


Annie is delighted as Johnny emerges unharmed


Is it the end for Annie and Johnny?


Jessica Raine’s final scenes in Jericho.  Will there be a series 2?