The following photos are from Jess’s Episode of Inside No. 9.  Please note the photo sets and descriptions will contain spoilers.

The family arrive at their holiday home and meet Klaus

There is tension between Kathy and her mother in-law

Julian looks out for Kathy as she is pregnant

The picture above the fire of Krampus causes Kathy to worry

As Toby goes to bed, he tells Kathy why he has left his boots outside his door.  Krampus is about and Kathy’s unease grows

Kathy gets a fright when she meets Julian in the hall

The family sit down to dinner together the next day and the conversation turns to St Nicholas as its the 6th of December.

The next day, strange marks are found on Toby’s body.  Could it be Krampus??  Kathy begins to lose control as fear sets in

It is decided that the family must go home.  However, there is only two seats left on the plane.  Celia decides to go with Tony which sparks a row with Kathy as Kathy believes Celia wants to get Toby away from her.  Julian calms things down.

Kathy, Julian and Klaus say farewell to Celia and Toby

As Kathy and Julian get ready for bed Kathy’s suspicions about Krampus grow and then they hear noises.

As marks are found on Kathy’s back she runs away into the living area.  Julian runs after her and she tells him that Krampus must be after her as she baby she is carrying is someone else’s causing Jukian to take a heart attack.

As Julian dies, he begs Kathy for his pills – but Kathy threw them away – she then sees Klaus coming and it is revealed that he is in disguise and is in fact the father of Kathy’s baby.  Jukian dies.

Unbeknown to Kathy, she is also about to die from the evil Klaus’s powers