This page will contain photographs of Jessica’s scenes in Informer. It will be updated weekly during the run of the series on BBC One.

Episode 1.

Emily is caught up in an attack after a young man returns her phone to her after leaving it on the train.

Emily’s Husband Gabe returns home following his shift at work and spends time with his wife and daughter – although he tells Emily nothing about his work that day.

Episode 2

Emily tells Gabe that their little girl does not really think that her Dad is a real Policeman.  The conversation is lighthearted.

Gabe unexpectedly returns home after hurting himself in a fit of rage.  He notices that Emily is in the garden smoking when she is supposed to be looking for work.  Emily does not know Gabe is home, she does not see him so she tells him during a quick phone call that she is very busy looking for work but can’t find anything.  What Emily is unaware of however, is Gabe is phoning from his mobile from inside their house.  

When Emily goes back inside the house, she is taken aback and surprised when she notices a speck of blood on the small plate on the breakfast bar in the kitchen.  Emily does not know it is Gabe’s blood.  

Gabe’s colleague Holly is invited to the Waters’ for dinner.  The evening starts off pleasently with Emily telling Holly how she and Gabe met.  Then, Gabe notices that Emily is still smoking despite trying to help her give up.  Gabe begins to get angry and as Emily continues to drink wine the conversation turns to Gabe’s work.  Emily knows very little about Gabe’s work and she tries to get information from Holly, all the time telling Holly that they are not supposed to talk about work.  Gabe is furious and is relieved when the phone rings signalling the end of the evening as he and Holly are called away leaving Emily alone in the house.  

Episode 3.

As Emily and Gabe are all set to leave the house with their daughter Lori for her football match, Gabe gets a phone call and as Emily and Lori wait in the car, Emily makes a mistake and accidently listens in to the caller’s conversation.  Emily hears the caller call Gabe Charlie, Emily begins to grow suspicious but puts her feelings aside for her daughter’s sake.

At the football match, Emily gets the chance to question Gabe.  She asks him who Charlie is.  Before Gabe answers, Emily tells Gabe that she never asks who calls him or about his work but there is something that Emily can’t put her finger on, each time Gabe gets a call it puts him on edge and Emily can’t understand why.  Gabe tells Emily Charlie is a name he uses to protect him and his family, however, just then Gabe’s phone rings again.  Is Emily and Lori as safe as Gabe hoped they would be?  

Episode 4.

Emily in the cafe before the terrorist attack in Episode 1.

Emily in court listening to the evidance before we jump back to recent events.

Emily sees Gabe returning home from work and she also notices he is listening to a phone message.

Gabe’s colleage calls round to see him, Emily is making tea.  After some small talk Rose takes Gabe’s tea up to his bedroom to discuss Nigel’s death.

Gabe watches Emily see their daughter off with her grandmother so Emily and Gabe can have the weekend alone together.  However, Gabe is about to let Emily down to attend Nigel’s funeral.

Gabe explains to Emily that he must go away for a couple of days.  Emily is clearly unhappy as she reminds Gabe they have the weekend to themselves.  Gabe apologises but Emily is feeling really upset.  Emily believes it is work related and has no idea where Gabe is really going.  

Not long after Gabe leaves, Holly calls looking for him.  Emily thought Gabe may have been with Holly but realising they are both alone, Holly invites Emily to her house for drinks and a chat which Emily agrees to.  

At Holly’s Holly questions Emily about Gabe asking her if she minded not knowing everything.  Just then Holly’s Sister Megan returns home and tells Emily about their Father having an affair and it was Holly who discovered it, even though she was only eleven.  Feeling put out, Megan goes and Emily and Holly talk about Gabe.  Emily fears she no longer knows her husband and tells Holly that she has suspicions that today he is being Charlie.  Holly begins to feel uneasy asking Emily where she heard that name. Emily confesses that she overheard a conversation.  Emily suspects Holly knows something and begins to get flustered and asks Holly to explain. 

Episode 5.

Emily and Lori arrive home unaware that Sharon has been in their house.

Aware that she may get discovered, Sharon makes a quick exit of Emily’s house.  She goes round to the front door to make it look like she has just arrived.  When Emily answers the door, Sharon introduces herself as a friend of Gabe’s.  After informing Sharon Gabe is not at home, Sharon turns to go but Emily tells her he should not be long and invites her in for tea.

After Sharon is invited in, Emily makes tea, however, little Lori kmows something is unusual about Sharon and she asks her mum why Sharon’s hair is wet.  Emily instructs Lori to watch TV.  Emily and Sharon sit with their tea and chat about their work and briefly about Gabe.  Then, Emily notices that the earrings that Sharon is wesring are identical to a pair she has.  Sharon is beginning to change in her tone and manner and just then Gabe returns.

Gabe returns and confusion sets in for Emily.  Sharon calls Gabe Charlie and Gabe demands to know what Sharon is doing in his house.  Emily keeps asking who Sharon is but Gabe just tells Emily to go upstairs with Lori.  Emily stands her ground and refuses to go but gets no answers but realises Gabe and Sharon are strangely connected.

Later, Emily does go to attend to Lori and Lori wants to know why everyone is shouting.  Emily does not go into detail, instead she takes Lori into the bathroom for her bath and makes a shocking discovery.  Sharon has been using the bath and forgot to drain the water, whats more, Sharon has been using Emily’s things.  Emily is very upset.

Episode 6

Emily gives evidence at the inquest and goes back to the events of that horrific morning of the attack in the cafe

Emily returns home to confront Gabe asking who Sharon was.  Emily makes it clear that she and Lori will be moving out as she feels unsafe after the way Sharon frightened her by just going into the house and using zemiky’s personal belongings.  Gabe pleads with Emily assuring her everything is fine but Emily feels very unsure.  

Going back to the morning of the attack, Emily goes to meet up with Holly who was planning to put Emily straight and tell her the truth about Charlie, at the request of Gabe as he felt it would be better coming from Holly.  On arriving at the cafe and meeting Holly, Emily discovers she has lost her phone on the train and uses Holly’s phone to call her phone to see where it might be.  Someone is en route to the cafe with her phone, much to Emily’s relief.

Following the attack, Emily is checked for any injuries.

Back at the Police Station, Gabe and his colleagues are watching the news coverage of the attack and Gabe gets the shock of his life when he sees Emily in the footage.  He rushes to the hospital to find her.  

At the hospital Emily and Gabe are reunited as relief rushes through Gabe that Emily is unharmed.  They both realise they still love each other.  It’s then Gabe learns from Emily that Holly was one of the victims of the attack.  Emily never got to know the truth about Charlie.

Back at Court Emily sees Holly’s Sister Megan.  Emily tells Megan she is sorry that she lost her sister.  Megan at the beginning is friendly and both speak about Holly.  However, Megan begins to get a bit upset and demands to know why Gabe turned up on their doorstep in the early hours of the morning.  Emily looks surprised and confesses to Megan that she knows nothing about it.  Megan tells Emily to ask Gabe.

Emily and Gabe return home following another day in court.  This scene is also Jessica’s final scene in the series.