The following photos are from BBC Drama Baptiste.  Jessica plays the character of Genevieve Taylor.  Please note these photos will contain spoilers.

Episode 3

We first meet Genevieve visiting someone in hospital.  A more sentimental side of her character.

Genevieve prepares for work and greets her colleagues

Genevieve meets Edward and Julian and quickly dismisses Baptiste

Genevieve interrogates Edward and tries to get him to wear a wire to capture his Father’s killer.  Edward refuses and storms off

Episode 4.

As Genevieve reads to her boyfriend, in walks his wife and a confrintation takes place which results in Genevie leaving in tears.

Genevieve contacts Edward again and arranges to meet up with him.

Genevieve puts further pressure on Edward to put a wire on him to catch his Father’s killer.  Finally Edward agrees but realises that there is more to this for Genevie than meets the eye.

Genevieve asks Martha for more Officers.  Genevieve notices that Martha is visibly upset and intoxicated with alcohol.  Genevieve is unaware that Martha has just been dismissed and will be leaving her post within 12 weeks.  Martha tells Genevieve that she will give her more Officers while Genevieve tells Martha to sort herself out.

Genevieve is absolutely horrified when Edward betrays her and lets slip to the man they are after that he is wearing a wire.

Genevieve goes to see Edward and explains he must stay in the Hotel for his safety but later, Edward slips out and runs away with the money.  

Episode 5

Genevieve and Baptiste exchange harsh words after Edward goes missing with the money.

Genevieve is not impressed with Martha after finding out that they are not doing enough to find Edward or the murderer 

Genevieve looks for a missing girl who may be able to help them locare Edward.  Genevieve admits that the case is getting to her.

Genevieve locares Lena and she says she wishes she had never got involved with Edward.

Genevieve comes face to face with Constantien who threatens Genevieve.  Genevieve finds out that Constantien has not told his boss the money is missing.  Genevieve feels rather scared but stands her ground.

Genevieve meets Baptiste but is disappointed that he does not have Edward or the money.  Genevieve and Baptiste agree to work together.

Baptiste meets up with Genevieve to hand over the money to Constantien in exchange for the release of one of the missing girls.  Before he goes Genevieve shows Baptiste a list of the missing girls reported by their worried families.

Genevieve tells Martha and Baptiste that Constantien will need full protection when he turns.

It is a horrible scene when Genevieve is called and discovers Constantien has been murdered.

Baptiste tells Genevieve that Edward’s ex wife and her partner have been murdered.  Julien tries to establish how they could have found Edward.  Then Julien comes to a horrifying conclusion.  Martha was the only one who contacted him so was it she who betrayed them?