Jessica was born and brought up on a farm with her parents and her elder sister on the Welsh Border.

Upon acheiving A Level Theatre Studies, Jessica then went on to study Drama and Cultural Studies at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Jessica then applied to RADA as she desperately wanted to become an Actress. However, acheiving this dream was not easy for her. On her first attempt of application RADA turned her down. Miss Raine then went on to apply to other major Drama Schols and sadly each one turned her down. Jessica then decided to take a break applying to Drama Schools and went to Thailand for one year where she taught English as a second language.

Upon her return to the United Kingdom, Jessica felt refreshed and determined again to re-apply to RADA, this time she was successful and graduated from there in 2008. It was during her time at RADA that Jessica starred in her first ever stage production, Harper Regan, at the National Theatre in London.

Jessica has built up a wealth of stage productions since her graduation from RADA including such plays like Rocket To The Moon, The Changeling and most recently in her latest stage production the lead role in Roots at the Donmar Warehouse. In 2016, Jessica got the role of Gilda in Alistair McDowall’s X at the Royal Court in London.   This is a landmark play for Jessica as she has spoken about her dream coming true at being at the Royal Court and starring in a sci-fi Play.

Her screen credits include playing a small role in films The Woman in Black as a Nanny and Robin Hood where she played Princess Isabel of Gloucester. However, her rise to fame came when she got the part of the lead role in the smash hit BBC Drama Call The Midwife. Jessica plays Jenny Lee, based on the memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth. Since then she has starred in 3 series snd 2 Christmas Specials.

In 2012 Jessica landed a fantastic role in Doctor Who playing Emma Grayling in episode ‘Hide’. This episode was aired in April 2013.  Jessica was not finished with Dr Who yet as in 2013 she got the role in An Adventure In Space And Time as Dr Who’s first Producer Verity Lambert.  This aired on BBC 2 in November 2013.

After leaving Call The Midwife at the end of Series 3 Jessica secured 2 major roles.  She got the role of Jules Sutter in Sky Atlantic’s big budget Icelandic drama Fortitude.  This aired in January 2015.  In April 2014, it was announced that Jessica would star as Lady Rochford in Wolf Hall.  This aired in January 2015 on BBC 2.  Jessica has spoken very passionatly about this role and hopes to reprise it in series 2.  Later in 2014, Jessica landed the role as Tuppence Beresford in a brand new adaptation of Partners In Crime alongside David Walliams as Tommy.  This aired on BBC 1 in July 2015.  Jessica has said how sad she is that the drama won’t be returning and how much fun she had filming it.

2015 saw Jess move to the North of England for the summer to film ITV drama Jericho.  Jessica played Annie Quainton, a widow with 2 teenage children beginning a new life.

In Radio Jessica has played roles in 2 BBC Radio 3 plays The Wire The Wall and Kafka The Musical in 2011.  Jess has gone on to play Fleur Forsyte in a brand new radio adaptation of The Forsyte Saga.  This began transmission in January 2016 and series 2 in April 2016 on BBC Radio 4.

She has been tipped for Hollywood stardum in the future. Although Jessica has a strong desire to remain in the United Kingdom to work, she states that she must go where her projects are based. Her desire is to emulate the career of Cate Blanchett and regards Lesley Sharp as one of her heros.


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