Jessica Raine stars in a brand new Radio 4 adaptation of The Forsytes Saga.  However, why can’t we get enough of this epic story



Here is a great Article in the Hull Daily Mail outlining why Jessica Raine is perfect in her role as the forceful Yorkshire Landlady in Jericho

Jessica Raine has been receiving very positive comments in her role as Annie Quainton in ITV’s Jericho.  
In this week’s TV Choice Viewer Letters section, Maggie King from Woking wrote this lovely letter saying how much she is enjoying Jessica’s wonderful acting in the drama.  

Maggie writes

ITV has a winner with Jericho. The story and characters had me hooked from the beginning, especially Jessica Raine, who’s excellent as Annie. No doubt the storyline will keep us all guessing as she fights to protect her son, regain her dignity and provide a home for her family.  
Maggie King, Woking

TV Choice 23-29 January 2016


Jessica Raine spoke to the Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare about the difficulties she faced filming Jericho.  

As the star of hit BBC series Call The Midwife, Jessica Raine is used to sporting unflattering period costume.  

But the 33-year-old really suffered for her art when she had to wear a corset while shooting scenes for her current ITV drama, Jericho, which, she says, was particularly uncomfortable.

‘We filmed in Yorkshire during the summer and had some very warm days,’ says Jessica.

‘The corset was so tight and I felt so hot that I needed ice packs strapped to my bottom and legs in between takes to help cool me down.

‘Trudging across the Yorkshire Moors carrying a tapestry bag full of belongings was the most physically challenging.  ‘I had insisted that the bag should be quite heavy to make it look realistic — and I rather wish I hadn’t.

‘It was full of sheets and heavy enough so that the handles really cut into my hand. My shoulders ached after carrying it for what seemed like days, wearing a very restrictive corset and getting incredibly out of breath.’