Jessica Raine spoke to TV Times for Partners In Crime.
TV Times commented to Jessica that she loved the 1950’s.  

Jessica responds by saying “Yes, here again!  It’s a bit earlier than Call The Midwife.  I get a bit of make-up, beautiful red lips, a new hairdo and amazing hats.  Tuppence is really into her hats – which is basically why I did it.”

Jessica was then asked about the characters of Tommy and Tuppence.  

Jessica responded by saying, “Tuppence is spirited and front-footed.  In our adaptations, they’ve been married quite a while (they’re just falling in love in the book version of The Secret Adversary – stale is quite a strong word!  They are looking for some excitement.”

Jessica was asked who her favourite sleuth was

Jessica responded by saying “I can’t get Angela Lansbury’s Jessica Fletcher out of my head – what a legend.”
Credit to TV Times for the information



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