Meet Tuppence Beresford from partners In Crime played by our wonderful Jessica Raine.

Prudence Beresford, otherwise known as Tuppence, is a quick- witted and utterly irrepressible woman whose only downfall is that she sometimes looks before she leaps. One of five children of a country archdeacon, Tuppence served successfully in the war as nurse, and has longed for the same sense of purpose and excitement ever since. She loves her husband Tommy and her son George enormously, but in truth the role of the traditional homely housewife was never the one she imagined for herself and it’s not one she’s particularly good at playing. Tuppence’s imagination was caught at an early age by crime fiction, and she has long secretly held the belief she would make a fantastic detective or spy. So when the chance presents itself to aide the Third Floor (a branch of British Military Intelligence) Tuppence is delighted to throw herself, and her less willing husband, into harm’s way to help protect her country from its numerous enemies. 
Charming, street-smart and more than a little mischievous, when Tuppence puts her mind to something there is no stopping her.

Jessica Raine is perhaps best known for her performance as the show’s central character in the critically acclaimed BBC One drama Call The Midwife. Recently Jessica has been seen in Sky Arts crime drama series Fortitude and critically acclaimed BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall, which TX’d on BBC Two in the UK and on Masterpiece on PBS in the US. Jessica will star as lead in new eight-part ITV drama Jericho alongside fellow Partners In Crime actor Clarke Peters.

Information credit:  Thanks to BBC One and Milk Publicity


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