Jessica featured in this week’s Stylist Magazine’s Queen of Everything. Here is what Jess would do if she was Queen

The first thing I’d do as queen is write lots of lists. I’m a big fan of lists so I would write up loads of obsessive-compulsive ones about what needs to be done. They’re littered all over my house, even ones from months ago, because it’s so satisfying to say, “I did that!”

I wouldn’t have a palace. My boyfriend [actor Tom Goodman-Hill] and I have a flat in London, and I really love it so I wouldn’t want to move. I’d open my palace to the public for cultural events and I’d get artists like David Byrne and David Bowie to run it.

This queen is a big fan of Girls. I bought my sister the box-set for Christmas and we watched it, screaming, “Oh. My. God!” at all the horrendous sex scenes. I love it so much. I can identify with Hannah because everyone in their 20s goes through this nuts period of struggling to get your career on the go and not quite knowing who you are yet.

I would rule alone. I wouldn’t want a king. My boyfriend wouldn’t mind. I’d surround myself with very clever people because collaboration is key. The people I most admire are those who aren’t afraid to delegate.

Sigourney Weaver would be my right-hand woman. She’s so kick-ass. I love her. I was really hooked on Alien when I was younger: I think it’s the idea of a woman being on a ship and fighting her way out. I would put it on the curriculum as a survival guide in case of an alien invasion!

I’d have a countryside retreat. I grew up on a farm where everyone knew everyone’s business. I’m a Londoner now and couldn’t ever move back. Saying that, I wouldn’t mind having a place in Dartmouth. It’s eye-wateringly beautiful. I may feel a bit guilty for having so many pads around England, though.

I’d rule out elitism. A high percentage of people in government were privately educated and that bugs me. How can they possibly know what it’s like to live on the breadline? I’d get a good mix of people in, including more women like Diane Abbott. She’s straight-talking and passionate, and I admire that.

I like taking centre stage. I really enjoyed playing Jenny on Call The Midwife. Although I like being at the centre of things I would still be a very down-to-earth and kind queen. I did so many rubbish jobs before my acting took off and I can’t bear anyone being horrible to waiters or call-centre people because that used to be me!

I would endow myself with the ability to do hair. I can’t do it at all. I just had all my hair chopped off for a role. It looks great when styled for work, but off-screen I look like Dudley Moore. Maybe I could get a wig made? I’ve always wanted an Audrey Hepburn fringe.

This queen has a mongrel accent. As a lot of the characters I play are upper class, people assume I’m quite posh but I’m not. No-one can place my accent – it’s a bit London and also a little bit northern because I’m originally from Herefordshire, which has a Welsh twang.

I’d hold my meetings in a cat cafe. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Hackney is amazing because you can go in and bond with the cats. I have two and treat them like my babies. One’s called Magot – she’s a psychopathic diva. Then there’s Pickle, who loves her food. She’s getting bigger by the day so I’m slightly concerned about the size of the cat flap…

Everyone would dance at my coronation. I’d invite Roisin Murphy of Moloko to sing because it’s the kind of music where you just want to get up. I might even do a duet with her. On long car journeys, I DJ with my iPod and sing loudly and badly in the passenger seat. It makes anyone else in the car cringe.

Jessica Raine will appear in Wolf Hall on BBC2 and Fortitude on Sky Atlantic, both airing in spring 2015



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